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Reiser offers a variety of innovative processing and packaging solutions for the prepared food industry.

Prepared food. Convenience food. Ready-to-eat food. No matter what you call it, Reiser can help you produce it. We are a leading supplier of processing and packaging equipment to the prepared food industry.

At the heart of many of our processing solutions lies our highly versatile Vemag Stuffer. The Vemag is a single machine that incorporates a number of innovative attachments to produce a multitude of different food products. The Vemag provides the highest levels of portioning accuracy, production efficiency and versatility, while consistently delivering a superior product. Its modular construction allows the Vemag to be configured for virtually any application and reconfigured as the application or requirements change.

Reiser’s R&D and engineering team can custom design the right solution for you – from producing exact-weight portions of fillings for egg rolls, burritos and stuffed sandwiches to portioning salads, chili, sauce and spreads. And with Reiser’s unique co-extrusion and filling systems, producing filled products is fast and effortless.

And when you’re ready to package your prepared food product, our full line of form/fill/seal and tray seal packaging machines will help keep your product fresh and looking its best. Reiser packaging equipment offers you the highest levels of efficiency, speed and reliability.

Vemag -Multiple Line

Cup Filler

Vemag - Köfte Formlama

Vemag Dilimleme Depozitörü