FROMAT 053 – the worldwide most used frozen block guillotine

The FROMAT 053 is designed to continue sly cut all common standard block size like E1, E2 or US 60lbs. usually for further processing in bowl cutters, grinders, mixers or cookers. The blocks can be lifted into the cutting area by an optionally available block lifter. Alternatively the machine can also be synchronized with a block in-feed conveyor.

For improved cutting quality and efficiency the FROMAT 053 can also be equipped with a hydraulic block down-holder. Especially for round or tempered blocks this optional feature improves the performance of the FROMAT 053.
Due to its continues processing method the machine is most suitable for medium and large industrial productions.

Kesim Haznesi Boyutları680x300xBlok Boyu480x250xBlok Boyu480x250x750481x250x750
Max. Donuk Kesim Sıcaklığı-30°C-25°C-25°C-25°C
Kapasitelermax. 7 t/hmax. 4 t/hmax. 1500 kg/hmax. 900 kg/h
Güç Kw115,542,2