FROMAT 063 – the high-performance guillotine

FROMAT 063 is a frozen block cutter with 630mm cutting width and 300 mm cutting height. – Therewith all common EURO-, US-, and plate-freezer blocks can be cut.
With the integrated horizontal block lifter several blocks simultaneously can be lifted into the cutting area. The optionally available block down-holder can be used for improved cutting quality and efficiency. Especially for round or tempered blocks this optional feature further improves the performance of the FROMAT 063.
Product discharge usually is done via 200l buckets, but also the adaption to discharge conveyors or big-boxes is possible.
All surfaces with product contact are either polished or ceramic blasted, and the machine body is a closed design with integrated control box, facilitating any service and maintenance on the machine. The front doors at product discharge can be completely opened, facilitating cleaning of the whole machine. MAGURIT sets therewith hygienic standards.
The FROMAT 063 is designed for continues high volume capacities and therewith for industrial food productions.

Kesim Haznesi Boyutları680x300xBlok Boyu480x250xBlok Boyu480x250x750481x250x750
Max. Donuk Kesim Sıcaklığı-30°C-25°C-25°C-25°C
Kapasitelermax. 7 t/hmax. 4 t/hmax. 1500 kg/hmax. 900 kg/h
Güç Kw115,542,2